Do It Yourself Method

1. Download the latest version of Game Launcher ZIP

Please make sure you download the ZIP and not the Source code

💾 Download Latest ZIP

2. Creating Game Files and Launcher Folders

Create a folder where the Game Files and Game Launcher will be installed

a. Create a Folder Soapbox Race World

Create two folders within the Soapbox Race World Folder

a. Create a Folder Game Files

b. Create a Folder Launcher

In this example the Directory is on the C:\ Drive

If your doing it on a different Drive make sure to have the directory structure this

3. Extracting the ZIP

Make sure you extract the ZIP in the Launcher folder

4. Choosing Your Download Type and Source

Depending on the time and day, a CDN might be bottlenecked due to an increase of traffic

6. Choosing Game File Directory

C:\Soapbox Race World\Game Files

Note that this might be different depending if you have installed the game launcher and game files on a different Drive

7. Race Complete

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