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Hosting a CDN

Hosting the Game Files for a specific location or Alternative Source
Since EA had officially removed the game files from their own servers. This means we can no longer use their CDN to download the game, but thankfully DavidCarbon had made a copy of the server files to create a new CDN!

Downloading the Packed Game Files

Download the Compressed Game Files to your local Machine or Web Server.
Make sure to unzip the files to a location with at least 5GB of Storage Space
By default the folder is ea_nfsw_section but can be changed to a different folder name.

Please Note

If hosting the compressed Game Files for the Game_Launcher, your Web Server will see a rough Average of 3-5 TB of Bandwith per month. Please make sure to check with your Hosting Provider to have enough Bandwith for such Traffic, especially during High Peak Hours.
[US] DavidCarbon Mirror - Alternative